Policy Information

Please be advised all cancellations made by the client within 24 hours of a reservation will result in a cancellation fee of $25.00 charged to Credit/Debit Card. All cancellations made by the client within one hour of reservation will result in a cancellation fee of FULL PAYMENT amount (Gratuity not charged). By reserving your transportation, the customer agrees to pay all fees under such circumstances as stated herein. All cancellations by the airline itself, will indemnify the customer from all fees, whatsoever.

*LIMOS4HIRE, LLC reserves the right to cancel any pickup when a flight is 30 minutes or more later than the originally scheduled time. If such delays are announced PRIOR to departure by the airline from the city of origin, please notify us by phone of the delay so we can try to arrange to schedule your pickup at the later time. Be advised, our clients who pre-schedule their pickups and their flights are on time ...... are our priority!

Those clients who schedule a pickup are obligated to be ready at the pre-scheduled time or within five minutes thereof. Our company prides itself on our "On Time... ALL the Time!" policy and, therefore, the cooperation of each and every client to do their very best to be ready to travel when we arrive is necessary in order for us to achieve this goal.

Thank you .... LIMOS4HIRE, LLC