"On Time... ALL the Time!" is our motto! Did you ever order a limousine and wonder if they might forget about you?

Or as an actual fact, they didn't show up at all?

We believe that each client is entitled to a courtesy phone call ten to fifteen minutes PRIOR to pickup! Whether you are sitting at home waiting, you will get that call ... or if you are aboard an airplane which is a few minutes early and you are wondering if the limousine is there yet! Well, in this case, when you disembark, you will get our "voice mail" which will ease your mind if you booked with Limos4Hire LLC! This courtesy call is considered a very important, "company policy" by our organization! We sympathize with those clients who are a bit "on edge" when waiting for a car service to arrive, taking them to the airport. We are "On Time... ALL the Time!" for a good reason! It is precisely because it is OUR CLIENTS who are the future of our return business. We rely upon 'word of mouth' of our clients to increase our business. Our Professional Limousine Drivers will make that "courtesy call", make sure you are comfortable, that the vehicle is not too hot or not too cold and will then reconfirm your flight information or destination before your limo even pulls away! In other words, you are assured of professionalism before you even get into your limousine.

Our business plan states that "SERVICE" separates one car service from another. Competitive rates are important, but service is even MORE IMPORTANT! If a client misses his/her airplane, a low-rate becomes irrelevant! We are "On Time... ALL the Time!" for a darn good reason! It is because of our "on-time-manship" that "Limos4Hire" leads the pack! You can be assured you will arrive at your flight in plenty of time! Why? Because we require flight information with each and every reservation we service. When we see there is insufficient time for our clients to arrive at the airport and not be rushed to meet their flight, we will advise our client to change the time of pickup. If the client refuses the change, WE WILL CANCEL THAT RESERVATION!

We do our very best to help our clients make timely reservations so they are not required to "run through airports" in order to "catch" that plane! This simply will NOT happen with "Limos4Hire, L. L. C." We make sure the time of pickup is appropriate and timely or we will not accept the reservation. Few, if any of the competition, will do that!

We look forward to servicing your transportation requests. Simply fill out and complete the online reservation form. This form and all the sensitive information you post is protected by a state of the art secure SSL Certificate which protects your private information against hackers throughout the internet. We promise never to lease, transfer, sell or give away your private information to any third party at any time and forever! Only if you request we "hold" your credit/debit card information on file for future reference, will we do it! Normally, we destroy all credit/debit card information thirty days after the card is charged as is required by our bank. You can be assured of our fine service, professionalism and our clean, luxury cars to get you to your destination in a safe and enjoyable manner. Our drivers are experienced, educated and will do their very best to entertain you while you ride to your destination.

You're on the Right Track .... "On Time... ALL the Time!", when you rely upon "Limos4Hire, L.L.C."