About Us

"On Time... ALL the Time!" is our motto! Did you ever order a limousine and wonder if they might forget about you?

Or as an actual fact, they didn't show up at all?

Limos4Hire is a limousine service that is located in the southwest Florida area, We are here to deliver high-quality rides at an affordable cost to our clients. SWFL is a beautiful location full of many events, locations, and detours that will make you wish you had transportation for your day play or night-life. Limos4Hire has been one of the most consistent and long-lasting transportation services due to our high customer retention. Many of our clients are satisfied with our ability to go above and beyond and making sure your day or night is complete!

Here at Limos4Hire, our motto stands for each customer! On time, every time is guaranteed because we make sure to call our customers ten to fifteen minutes before schedule to make sure that clients are ready for their pickup! We take the worry out of getting to your destination. Our limos here at Limos4Hire are all top-notch vehicles with essential safety features. We want our customers to feel safe and enjoy their experience on the road with us. Depending on the number of passengers, we have vehicles that go from four-seater vehicles to eighteen seater vehicles! We want to make sure we have enough room for the party!

We do our very best to help our clients make timely reservations so they are not required to "run through airports" in order to "catch" that plane! This simply will NOT happen with "Limos4Hire, L. L. C." We make sure the time of pickup is appropriate and timely or we will not accept the reservation. Few, if any of the competition, will do that!

We look forward to servicing your transportation requests. Simply fill out and complete the online reservation form. This form and all the sensitive information you post is protected by a state of the art secure SSL Certificate which protects your private information against hackers throughout the internet. We promise never to lease, transfer, sell or give away your private information to any third party at any time and forever! Only if you request we "hold" your credit/debit card information on file for future reference, will we do it! Normally, we destroy all credit/debit card information thirty days after the card is charged as is required by our bank. You can be assured of our fine service, professionalism and our clean, luxury cars to get you to your destination in a safe and enjoyable manner. Our drivers are experienced, educated and will do their very best to entertain you while you ride to your destination.

You're on the Right Track .... "On Time... ALL the Time!", when you rely upon "Limos4Hire, L.L.C."



Limos4Hire strives in becoming the number one transportation for airports, events, parties, and locations in the southwest Florida area. We are cost effective, fashionable, and also have a wide coverage! Whether you are looking to go to the RSW airport or were going to Tampa, we will definitely make sure to get you on schedule.  Prices may vary on the distance of trip and additional fees may apply. So before requesting for one of our pickups, please make sure to read the price sheet on our "Rates" page to get an updated list of pricing.


Vehicle Models

We offer many vehicles here at Limos4Hire. The reason we do this is to appropriately accommodate our clients needs depending on party size and occasion. Below is a list of all the different models we offer. If you have questions about the different models such as pricing, availability and color options shoot us an email or give us a call!

  • Cartier Classic Sedan; 4 seaters; $229/hr (3-hour minimum)
  • Mini Van Town and County; 6 seaters; Call for rates
  • Navigator SUV; 6 seaters; Call for rates
  • Lincoln Town Car Stretch; 10 seaters; $85/hr (5-hour minimum)
  • Cadillac Escalade; 14 seaters; $175 (5-hour minimum)
  • Hummer Super Stretch; 18 seaters; $175 (5-hour minimum)
  • Role Royce Stretch; 10 seaters; $149 (5-hour minimum)

Customers and Knowledge!

We enjoy people! We wouldn't be getting into the business of service if we didn't enjoy the time with sharing knowledge about the area around you or the locations you will be visiting. Make sure to ask your driver about the areas you will be visiting. It's a great way to start a conversation, and we also LOVE to help clients get the most information about their surroundings. Whether it be a great local restaurant or a local zoon, we do out very best to make quality recommendations for all of our clients so they might take advantage of all the local opportunities, saving them time and trouble in finding these places themselves. Being a Florida originated business, we know our way around the beautiful sunshine state and can almost answer all the questions about our home.  What separates Limos4Hire from our competition is our location knowledge and our "on-time" service.


How satisfied are our clients?

Don't believe us yet? Check out our customer review page to see what our clients think about the service we deliver. There is the reason why we continue to conduct business while enjoying what we do. Backed by over 10 pages of customer reviews, we have many reports for consumers to make their own minds up about the service we provide.  We want to make sure that if you have questions about that restaurant, a beach, a storefront, or special event, we will provide you with answers that will match quality expertise. If you have any feedback for us here at Limos4Hire that you would NOT like publicized,  you can send it to our direct email address; and we will respond to you asap!



Pricing is not a problem here at Limos4Hire. We make sure to offer competitive pricing in order to provide our clients with some of the best prices in southwest Florida! Fares may vary depending on certain occasions, holidays, and drive-time.  All of our prices may or may not include bridge or road tolls.  Alcohol is never provided as it a violation of state law!  However, we supply champagne glasses and ice as long as everyone is over age, 21. Just make sure to bring along your party pack for that special occasion! Our rates vary from all-inclusive rates which include the tolls but might exclude the gratuity. We also provide some rates which might add on an extra fee for rides on a national holiday. Reservation pricing may add on a special fee, depending on a late night or early morning time of pickup or drop-off. Make sure to double check when you reserve, to confirm your fare. Our office staff will email you a confirmation which will specify the rates plus the terms and conditions. We accept all major credit cards and our drivers will accept cash at the end of your ride. If you do elect to pay by credit card, you will automatically receive a receipt by email once it is charged, We encourage all passengers to double check pockets and seats before exiting vehicles to make sure that nothing is left behind in the vehicles.   For more information on pricing please read our "Rates" page.



I personally guarantee to all of our clients, present, and future, that each of our vehicles is NON-SMOKING. Eating is never allowed in any of our Lincoln Town Car Sedans. Drinking anything but bottled water will not be allowed in any of our sedan vehicles. You can be assured that these rules are strictly enforced. Clients are allowed to BOTH eat and drink in the Stretch Limousines ... we will supply champagne glasses and ice but will not serve alcohol!

We guarantee to all of our clients, present, and future, we will never allow anyone, our employees, company officers, drivers or any clients to smoke in our vehicles as long as the ownership of Limos4Hire, L.L.C. is OURS! Be advised, these rules are strictly enforced!


Be advised, since the weather here in Southwest Florida averages in the 90s during daytime hours, it is our pleasure to offer each of our airport pickup passengers a cold bottle of spring water. If our Driver fails to ask you if you would like a bottle of spring water, I ask that you simply remind him (and tell us, later please!). This is our regular Summer Courtesy each and every summer from June 1st to October 1st. This is just another way of our saying, "Thank You!"



Limos4Hire wants to thank you for taking the time to read what we're "all about"! If you haven't noticed yet we are all about YOU. This business lives off word of mouth advertising and providing quality rides for each customer is the priority in our eyes. We enjoy having a conversation, laughing along with you during your parties, and above all, making sure everyone is treated with the special care. Backed by our special customer service and a professional office staff, you can be sure your experience with Limos4Hire, you will know that you are in the right hands.

We would not have made it this far without the repeat clients, we have now many referrals which reach us to more loyal clients. So from all of us here at Limos4Hire, we want to thank YOU for being the best part of the company, so remember if you need a limo call us! We are “On time... EVERYTIME” (ALL the TIME)!

Gary Knight
Operations Manager/CEO

Pepper, Office Manager
Limos4Hire, LLC